Property Law



THIS Rent Agreement is made and executed at New Delhi on 03rd   day of March, 2024 between MR. N  S/o   A  R/o XX,  Sarojini Nagar, New  Delhi-110023, (hereinafter called the “FIRST PARTY / LANDLORD”)




Smt. M D/o Late Sh. M  W/o Sh. R R/O XX,  Gurgaon, Haryana.  (hereinafter called the “SECOND PARTY / TENANT”)


The expression of both the parties shall mean and include their legal representative authorized agent’s assignee successors and the legal heirs respectively.


Whereas the First Party is the absolute owner of the property  R/o XX,  Sarojini Nagar, New  Delhi-110023, and agree to let out  one Room with common toilet and Bathroom and kitchen out of the said property on rent and the Tenant has agreed to take the same on the following terms and conditions.




  1. That the Tenant shall pay the monthly rent of 8,000/- (Rupees Eight Thousand only ) per month on or before 10TH  day of each English calendar month to the landlord /first party .


  1. That the Landlord has agreed to let out the aforesaid premises e. for a fixed period of 11 months and tenancy has already commenced w.e.f 01/02/2024 for Residential purpose.


  1. That the tenant shall pay the electricity charges according to the meter reading as per DVB/BSES/Govt. Authority rate.


  1. That the tenant shall be responsible to attend all the minor day to day repairs such as fuses of bulbs and tubes, leakages/replacement of water, etc at his own cost but the major repairs in the said premises shall be attended to by the Landlord at his own cost.


  1. That this Agreement can be terminated even before the expiry of the Agreement period, giving one month written notice from either side.


  1. That the first party shall pay and be liable for all dues of Civic Body or any other concerned authority including House Tax.


  1. That in case, after the expiry of this Agreement, if it is not renewed the tenant will give the peaceful hand over the vacant physical possession of the said house/property to the owner/first party.



  1. That this Agreement can be extended for another period with the mutual consent of both the parties, after increasing 10% in the rent.


  1. That the tenant shall abide by all the rules and regulations of the DDA, and Government of Delhi.


In the case of legal dispute arises between parties the jurisdictions of the court will be Delhi.


In witness whereof, both the parties have signed this Agreement at New Delhi, on the day, month and year written above, in the presence of the following witnesses:


                                        FIRST PARTY/ LANDLORD




                    SECOND PARTY/ TENANT

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