Criminal Law

Settlement Deed / Memo of Understanding in A Criminal Case



This Settlement/MOU is made and executed at Delhi on this 4th Day of March 2023 by and between:-

  1. A. Singh, S/o. X Aged about 57 years,  R/o. H.No. P-4,   Delhi – 110088.
  2. N. Kumar, S/o. Sh. Moman Ram  aged about 49 years,  R/o. Vill. X,  Jind, Haryana -126116
  3. K. Singh , S/o. A. Singh aged about 34 years, R/o. H.No.P-4,   Delhi – 110088 , hereinafter called the First Party.


N. Kumar  S/o.  Sh.  Ram R/o. R-36, Uttam Nagar,  Delhi, hereinafter called the Second Party.


Whereas the first parties are accused in the FIR No.22/2019 U/S 308/341/506/34 of  IPC, PS. Mandir Marg  and the Charge sheet filed therein pending trial as SC No.263/2020  in the court of XY , Ld.  ASJ, Patiala House Courts, New Delhi and the second party is the complainant in the said case.


AND Whereas the first party and second party have compromised in the above mentioned case and  agreed below term and conditions.


  1. That the first party has paid Rs. 60,000/- to the Second party as full and final settlement amount as compensation   and   second party shall withdraw his case as per the provision of law.
  2. That the first party shall file petition before the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi for quashing of the FIR , charge sheet and consequential proceedings pending trial in the court of XY , Ld.  ASJ, Patiala House Courts, New Delhi and the second party will co-operate in getting the same quashed by complying the necessary legal formalities and making his presence before the Hon’ble High Court for recording of the required statement as per the provision of law.
  3. That the parties to this agreement have also compromised other cross- cases which were pending trial at Patiala House Court as they were compoundable in nature. Hence , there is no any other dispute between the parties and parties intend to end the litigation between themselves.
  4. That the parties have entered into and executed this Settlement/MOU without any coercion, undue influence and with their own free will and desire.


In witness whereof, the parties have made and executed this settlement/MOU in the presence of following witnesses.


                                                      First Parties




1.A. Singh                2.N. Kumar                 3.K. Singh


                                                         Second party



                                                          N. Kumar





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