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Transfer Petition Before Supreme Court Under S 25 OF The CPC,1908 Read With ORDER XLI OF The Supreme Court Rules, 2013

                     IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA

                         CIVIL ORIGINAL JURISDICTION

TRANSFER PETITION (CIVIL) NO.                 OF 2019

(Petition Seeking transfer of Case titled as X Vyas Versus Smt. Y Vyas being Case  No. X of 2019 pending before the Court  of Ld. Presiding Officer, Family Court, Sagar, (M.P.) to the Court of Principal Judge, Family Court, Kota, Rajasthan)


Smt. Y Vyas                                               …Petitioner


X Vyas                                                      …Respondent



I.A. NO.                   OF 2019

An application for ex-parte stay

I.A. NO.                             OF 2019

An application for exemption from filing

official translation







COUNSEL FOR THE PETITIONER:                    Avinash Nandan Sharma




Sl. NO. Particulars of document Page no. of part to which it belongs Remarks
Part 1 (Contents of Paper Book) Part II (Contents of file alone)
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)
Court fee    
1. Listing proforma   A-A1
2. Cover page of Paper Book   A3
3. Index of Record of Proceeding   A4
4. Defect list   A6
5. Note Sheet   NS 1 to _
6. Synopsis and list of dates B–  
7. Transfer Petition with affidavit 1-  

True translated copy of the Case No. 29 of 2019 filed by the Respondent before the Court of the Ld. Presiding Officer, Family Court, Sagar (M.P.) dated 03.01.2019


    9. I.A.NO.               OF 2019

An application for ex-parte stay


  10. I.A. NO.                 OF 2019

An application for exemption from filing official translation


 11. Filing Memo  
12. Vakalatnama
 13. Memo of Parties



                                                                        SECTION -XVIA

The case pertains to (Please tick/check the correct box):

□   Central Act: (Title):          Civil Procedure Code, 1908

□   Section :                                                      25

□   Central Rule : (Title)                                     NA

□   Rule (No(s)                                                  NA

□   State Act: (Title)                                          NA

□   Section :                                                      NA

□   State Rule : (Title)                                        NA

□   Rule No(s) :                                                 NA

□   Impugned Interim Order : (Date)                   NA

□   Impugned final Order/Decree :   (Date)          NA

□   High Court: (Name)                                      NA

□   Names of Judges:                                        NA

□   Tribunal/Authority : (Name)                          NA


  1. Name of Matter:    □   Civil             □   Criminal
  2. (a) Petitioner/Appellant No.1: Smt. Y Vyas

(b)  e-mail ID:                                        NA

(c)  Mobile Phone Number:                           NA

  1. (a) Respondent :                              X Vyas

(b)  e-mail ID:                                     NA

(c) Mobile Phone Number:                            NA

  1. (a) Main category classification:               18

(b) Sub classification:                                  1802

  1. Not to be listed before: NA
  2. (a) Similar disposed of matter with citation,

If any, & case details:                       No similar disposed of matter.


(b)  Similar Pending matter with

case details:                                     No similar matter is pending.


  1. Criminal Matters:               NA                       

(a) Whether accused/convict has surrendered:□Yes □    No

(b) FIR No.                               NA               Date:  NA

(c) Police Station   –                                              NA

(d) Sentence Awarded:                                           NA

(e) Period of sentence undergone including

period of detention/custody undergone:              NA


  1. Land Acquisition Matters:

(a) Date of \Section 4 notification:                           NA

(b) Date of Section 6 notification:                            NA

(c) Date of Section 17 notification:                          NA

  1. Tax Matters: NA
  2. Special Category (first petitioner/appellant only) NA

□  Senior citizen > 65 years   □ SC/ST  □  women/child  □  Disabled  □ Legal Aid case □  In custody

  1. Vehicle Number (in case of Motor Accident Claim matters) NA


Date:      25.07.2019


               (T.M.) (SCLSC)

AOR for the petitioner(s) appellant(s)

Registration No.    xx                                                              





The instant transfer petition is being filed by Smt.Y Vyas ,  Petitioner wife hereinafter referred to as Petitioner under section 25 of Civil Procedure Code, 1908 seeking transfer of the Case  No. X of 2019 titled as X Vyas Versus Smt. Y Vyas being Case  No. 29 of 2019 pending before the Court  of Ld. Presiding Officer, Family Court, Sagar, (M.P.) to the Court of Principal Judge, Family Court, Kota, Rajasthan.

It is respectfully submitted that Petitioner’s parental home is at House No.XX, Z Vihar, P.S. X, District- Kota, Rajasthan, PIN Code-324009 where the petitioner along with her daughter is   residing, however, presently staying and working as a teacher at  School,   Telangana  and the permanent  home of Respondent is at House No.XX, T Colony,  P.S. X, Distt. Sagar, M.P., Pin-470002,  however, the respondent is currently residing at Mumbai, Maharashtra where he is posted as chief Manager  in State Bank of India. That both Petitioner and Respondent are Hindu by religion and their marriage was solemnized on 24th May, 2010 as per Hindu Customs and Rituals at  Shanti Bhawan , Sagar, M.P.  as per the wishes of family members of respondent. That after the marriage petitioner went to respondent’s parental home at House No.XX, T Colony,  P.S. X, Distt. Sagar, M.P. It is alleged by the respondent that petitioner  has been seen by the respondent in objectionable condition with other persons and he further alleges that he has condoned her act of adultery one and two times despite he found her in compromising condition with other men. The petitioner is allegedly said to have continued adulterous relation with other men and is thus a woman of bad character. It is further alleged that more than quite often petitioner cropped up quarrel with the respondent without any rhyme and reason and ill treated the respondent. All these allegations are false, misguiding and wrong and are totally denied by the petitioner herein. It is submitted by the petitioner that that on the contrary she is the victim of domestic violence and  has been subjected to cruelty by the respondent and his family members for the demand of dowry, particularly a luxury  car and cash of Rs.35 lacs and the respondent has  abandoned  the petitioner  in the month of January, 2019 and since then she is living separately from his husband/respondent. The petitioner has filed on 18.06.2019 a case of Restitution of Conjugal Rights Under Section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act, bearing HMA Petition No.24/19 before the Family Court, Kota, Rajasthan. The petitioner has also filed a case of Domestic violence on 18.06.2019 bearing Case no.22/19  under The Domestic Violence Act,2005 before the Court of Judicial Magistrate, District Court, Kota, Rajasthan.  The respondent has filed this case of divorce at Sagar, M.P. on false ground of adultery and want to proceed with the case easily at his home town so that he can threaten the petitioner there and in her absence, he could easily get ex-parte decree of divorce.    It is submitted that petitioner is always ready and willing to accompany the respondent and continue the conjugal life, however, respondent with his devil design wanted to get rid of his responsibility towards his wife and daughter namely A, aged about 7 years studying at Class-1.

Petitioner is a lady who is getting the support of her parents  at Kota and is working for her survival at Varangal, Telangana   and it would not be practicable for her to visit from Kota and Varangal  to Sagar, M.P. on every court date to attend court proceedings. It is also pertinent to mention here that the respondent has threatened to kill the petitioner and their daughter in case they come to Sagar to attend court date. If this transfer petition is not allowed then it would cause not only great hardship but also a grave threat to the life of the petitioner and her daughter who are at the receiving side.

Petitioner is imploring transfer of divorce  proceeding instituted by the respondent at Sagar, M.P. to Kota, Rajasthan on the ground that the petitioner being a lady cannot travel from Kota or Varangal to Sagar to attend court proceeding(s) at Family Court, Sagar, M.P. and shall suffer insurmountable hardship. Also as the petitioner is leading her life under fear after the repeated threats extended by the respondent to eliminate the petitioner and their daughter. It would be in the interest of the justice to transfer the Divorce Petition from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh to Kota, Rajasthan.  Also that the respondent wants to manage his case comfortably taking advantage of his home place to exploit petitioner helpless condition. So he filed petition in Sagar to get decree in his favor because petitioner would either not contest the case or loosely contest it.

This transfer petition is also filed on the ground that petitioner had been previously threatened by the respondent and his family members and has apprehension of loss of life and injury.  If this transfer petition is not granted then petitioner will be deprived of her right to be reasonably heard as the respondent will put pressure and threat on the petitioner at his home town Sagar, M.P. which is important pillar of Principle of Natural Justice.

In view of the afore stated premise it is conspicuous that present divorce petition instituted by the Husband of the Petitioner is nothing but a tool of harassment to oppress this helpless deserted Petitioner lady and in view of the factual matrix as put forth herein above, enormous amount of inconvenience and hardship shall cause to the Petitioner wife in the event of the instant matrimonial suit not being transferred from Sagar, M.P to the court of competent jurisdiction at Kota, Rajasthan.

                         LIST OF DATES

24.05.2010       Marriage was solemnized  as per Hindu Customs and Rituals at Shanti Bhawan, Sagar, M.P.  as per the wishes of family members of  respondent with grace and  pomp . It is alleged by the respondent that petitioner in adultery with many other perosnt which is completely denied by the petitioner. Petitioner states that respondent husband and his family members used to harass her on the pretext of dowry demands.

2019                Since 2019 petitioner is living separately from the respondent because he has abandoned her with ill treatment for the fulfillment of dowry demand of one luxury car and the cash of Rs.35 lacs.

03.01.2019  The respondent husband has filed a Divorce Petition in the court of  Presiding Officer, Family Court, Sagar, M.P. against the petitioner  with the sole intention to harass her and to manipulate his case extending threats to the petitioner and their daughter aged about 7 years.

It is submitted that the aforesaid petition was filed on the false and frivolous ground of adultery to get the decree of divorce through trick and threat.

18.06.2019  The petitioner has filed  a case of Restitution of Conjugal Rights Under Section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act, bearing HMA Petition No.23/19 before the Family Court, Kota, Rajasthan. The petitioner has also filed a case of Domestic violence  bearing Case no.22/19 under The Domestic Violence Act,2005 before the Court of Judicial Magistrate, District Court, Kota, Rajasthan.

25.07.2019       Hence this transfer Petition.




  TRANSFER PETITION (CIVIL) NO.                     of  2019



Smt. Y Vyas,

aged about 37 years,

W/o Sh. X Vyas

D/o Sh. Z,

R/o XX

Warangal, Tehsil Warangal,

Police Station XX,

Dist. Warangal,




Smt.  Y Vyas

W/o Sh. X Vyas

D/o  Sh.Z

R/O  House No. XX,


District- Kota, Rajasthan,

PINCode-324009                                        ….Petitioner


S Vyas

S/o ZZ


P.S. X, Distt. Sagar,

M.P. Pin-470002                                      …Respondent




The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India and his other Hon’ble companion Justices of the Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.

The humble petition on behalf of the petitioner above named:


  1. The instant transfer petition is being filed by Smt. Y Vyas wife, hereinafter referred to as Petitioner, under section 25 of Civil Procedure Code, 1908 seeking transfer of the Divorce petition filed by the petitioner husband being Case X OF 2019 Case titled as X Vyas Versus Smt. Y Vyas being Case No. 29 of 2019 pending before the Court  of Ld. Presiding Officer, Family Court, Sagar, (M.P.) to the Court of Principal Judge, Family Court, Kota, Rajasthan.
  2. That the petitioner has not filed any other similar petition in this Hon’ble Court or any other Courts seeking the same or similar relief.
  3. That the factual matrix leading to the transfer petition is as under.

3.1 That on 24.05.2010 Marriage of the Petitioner was solemnized   with the respondent husband which took place at Sagar, M.P. with grace, pomp and show. Father and relatives of the Petitioner gave the Petitioner Stridhan. This marriage was solemnized as per Vedic Hindu Rites and rituals.

3.3   It is alleged by the respondent that petitioner has committed adultery with other persons, the fact which is completely denied by the petitioner. Petitioner states that respondent husband and his family members used to harass her on the pretext of dowry demands.

3.4    Since 2019 petitioner is living separately from the respondent because she was thrown out of the matrimonial home and abandoned with  ill treatment by the respondent.

3.5 The respondent husband has filed a Petition in the Court of  Ld. Presiding Officer, Family Court, Sagar (M.P.) against the petitioner  with the sole intention to harass her and to manipulate his case extending threats to the petitioner and their daughter aged about 7 years.

It is submitted that the aforesaid petition was filed on the false and frivolous ground of adultery to get the decree of divorce through trick and threat.


True translated copy of the Case No. X of 2019 filed by the Respondent before the Court of the Ld. Presiding Officer, Family Court, Sagar (M.P.) dated 03.01.2019 is annexed herewith and marked as ANNEXURE – P1

  1. That in these circumstances and facing extreme hardship and inconvenience, the petitioner is filing the instant transfer petition on the following grounds which are without prejudice to one another.


  1. For that the petitioner had been the victim of domestic violence and demand of dowry and she has previously been threatened by the respondent to cause grave injuries to her and their daughter namely XX aged about 7 years and has apprehension of loss of life and injury in case the petitioner goes to Sagar to attend her court dates with her daughter.
  2. For that  Petitioner is presently dependent on her parents for support  at her parental home in Kota , Rajasthan where the petitioner’s daughter is also living. The petitioner herself is working at Warangal , Telangana, from where she will be transferred very soon. If this transfer petition is not allowed then it would add to hardship of the petitioner.
  3. The respondent husband has deliberately and with malafide intention filed Divorce Petition in Sagar, M.P. in order to harass the other. If this transfer petition is not allowed then it would amount to abuse of process of justice.
  4. For that if this transfer petition is not granted then petitioner will be deprived of her right to be reasonably heard which is important pillar of Principle of Natural Justice as she has been threatened by the respondent to eliminate her and their daughter in case petitioner comes to Sagar which is a great problem for the petitioner.
  5. For that Petitioner being a lady has been deserted by her husband,  and she would have great hardship in attending the case at Sagar on every date whereas if the case is transferred to Kota, she will have a place to stay whenever she has to appear before the Court in the said matter. Moreover there would be many such dates on which she may not be required to be personally present. On such dates her father or other family member can look after the case.
  6. For that it is conspicuous that present divorce case instituted by the Husband of the Petitioner is nothing but a tool of harassment to this helpless deserted Petitioner lady and in view of the factual matrix as put forth herein above, enormous inconvenience and hardship would be caused to the Petitioner wife in the event of the instant Divorce Petition / Matrimonial suit not being transferred to the court of competent jurisdiction at Kota, Rajasthan.
  7. For that the Petitioner wife is hardly able to face such grave allegations of Adultery with many men without the support of his family members and is dependent on her father and brother after being deserted  by the respondent husband who did not even visit at the petitioner’s place to enquire about the pitiable plight of the Petitioner and their daughter.
  8. For that the petitioner will suffer irreparable loss and injury if the transfer of the Case No. 29 of 2019 titled as X Vyas Versus Smt. Y Vyas being Case 29 of 2019 pending before the Court  of Ld. Presiding Officer, Family Court, Sagar, (M.P.) to the Court of Principal Judge, Family Court, Kota, Rajasthan as prayed for is not granted by this Hon’ble Court in the interest of justice.
  9. For that in addition to the grounds pleaded herein above in Paragraph-4 of the Petition the Petitioner humbly beseech leave of this Hon’ble Court to reserves her right to alter amend, delete and/or add any of the prayer at the time of hearing of the Petition.


In view of the aforesaid facts and circumstances it is, therefore, humbly prayed that this Hon’ble Court may graciously be pleased to:-

  1. Transfer the Case No. 29/2019 titled as X Vyas Versus Smt. Y Vyas pending before the Court of Presiding Officer, Family Court, Sagar, (M.P.) to the Court of Principal Judge, Family Court, Kota, Rajasthan; and
  2. Pass such other and further order(s) as this Hon’ble Court may deem fit and proper in facts and circumstances of the case.


DRAWN BY:                                              FILED BY:

[Avinash Nandan Sharma]

Advocate                                  (T. M.)

Advocate for the Petitioner


Drawn On: 22.07.2019

Filed On:    25.07.2019





TRANSFER PETITION (CIVIL) NO.                     of  2019



Smt. Y Vyas                                                              …Petitioner


X Vyas                                                                     …Respondent



I Y Vyas W/o X Vyas, D/o XX , aged about 37 years R/O House No.X,  P.S.X, District- Kota, Rajasthan, PIN Code-324009 presently at New Delhi , do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under.

  1. That I am the petitioner in the above mentioned Transfer Petition and I am well conversant with the facts and circumstances of the case and competent to swear this affidavit.
  2. That I have been read over and explained in Hindi the contents of the accompanying Transfer Petition (Paras 1 to ) (Pages 1 to    ) and the list of Dates pages (B to     ), and Interlocutory Applications and having understood the contents thereof, I say that the facts stated therein are true to the best of my knowledge.
  3. That the Annexures are true typed copies of their respective originals.
  4. That the facts stated in the above affidavit are true to my knowledge. No part of the same is false and nothing material has been concealed therefrom.





I the above named deponent do hereby verify that the facts stated in the above affidavit are true to my knowledge and belief. No part of the same is false and nothing material has been concealed there from.

Verified at New Delhi on this 25th day of July, 2019.








I.A No.                         of 2019


TRANSFER PETITION (Civil) No.            of 2019



Smt. Y Vyas                                       …Petitioner


X Vyas                                             …Respondent




The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India and His    Companion Judges of the Supreme Court of India

The Humble Petition on behalf of the  Petitioner above named


  1. The instant transfer petition is being filed by Smt. Y Vyas under section 25 of Civil Procedure Code, 1908 seeking transfer of the Case titled as X Vyas Versus Smt. Y Vyas being Case X of 2019 pending before the Court  of Ld. Presiding Officer, Family Court, Sagar, (M.P.) to the Court of Principal Judge, Family Court, Kota, Rajasthan.
  2. That the petitioner has set out the facts and circumstances of the case in detail in the accompanying Transfer Petition which is not repeated here for sake of brevity and craves the leave of the Hon’ble Court to refer to and rely upon the same for disposal of the instant application.
  3. That the ground constituted in the transfer Petition may be considered as the ground for adjudicating the present application and brevity constrains the Petitioner to repeat the same here in the application.
  4. That the Petitioner being a lady and having care of a daughter namely X aged about 7 years , is unable to visit Court at Sagar, M.P. which is 500 Kilometers away from Kota and more than 900 Kms from Varangal. The Petitioner is unable to face such grave allegations of adultery without the support of her father and brother. After being deserted by her husband on the false allegation of adultery, she is living in a state of depression after compromising all her self respect.
  5. That the instant application for stay has been filed bonafide and the petitioner has a prima facie strong case on merits and she will suffer irreparable loss & injuries if the further proceedings in connection with case No. 29 of 2019 titled as pending before the Court of Presiding Officer , Family Court, Sagar, M.P. is not stayed.


In the facts and circumstances of the case and in the interests of Justice it is therefore most respectfully prayed that Your Lordships may be pleased to

  1. A) grant ad-interim ex parte stay of the proceedings in Case titled as X Vyas Versus Smt. Y Vyas being Case X of 2019 pending before the Court  of Ld. Presiding Officer, Family Court, Sagar, (M.P.); and
  2. B) Pass such order or further orders as Your Lordships may deem fit and proper in the facts and circumstances of the case.


DRAWN BY:                                              FILED BY:

[Avinash Nandan Sharma]

Advocate                                  (T. M.)

Advocate for the Petitioner


Drawn On: 22.07.2019

Filed On:    25.07.2019





Case No. X of 2019

X Vyas, S/o X, R/O XX                                                                                                  ………  Applicant


Smt. Y Vyas, aged about 37 years, W/o Sh. X Vyas D/o Sh. X, R/o XX                        …….  Non-applicant

Case No. 29/2019              Produced dated: 03.01.2019


It is most respectfully submitted on behalf of the applicant that:

  1. That, the marriage of the applicant with the non-applicant was solemnized as per Hindu rites pronouncing the seven-round rituals on 24.05.2010 at Shanti Bhawan, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. After the marriage , the parties to the marriage got blessed with one daughter namely X who is presently at about 5 years and residing with the non-applicant.
  2. That the applicant is deputed as Chief Manager with the State Bank of India and the non-applicant is working on the post of Lecturer in Kendriya Vidyalaya. The applicant and the non-applicant are living separately for last more than two years.
  3. That the non-applicant used to do illicit act hiding from the applicant and many times she has been seen & caught with other male person in objectionable condition. First and second time she was condoned  by the applicant despite being viewed  in condition of doing intercourse with some other male person and  applicant considered that there might be a mistake but thereafter  no change happened  in  the character of non-applicant. She has  made the sexual relations with so many male persons which is still going on regularly.  The applicant has the objectionable video of the non-applicant with him presently.  The non-applicant has not performed  her religious duty as a woman  After her marriage she established the sexual relations with so many male persons. It is very difficult to spend the rest of the life with the non-applicant.  In such circumstances it is necessary to dissolve the marriage between the applicant and non-applicant.
  4. That the applicant and non-applicant both are well educated and working with the administrative services and it is common for them to have their transfers time to time. After this performance of illicit act it is not possible to live together and if lives in such circumstances then there is full possibility for some unpleasant incident.  This act of the non-applicant has spread in the knowledge of entire family as well as the relatives. The family and social image has been spoiled and the act of the non-applicant is not able to be condoned.
  5. That the non-applicant in addition to establishing the sexual relations with other male persons had quarrels with the applicant everyday and she was not interested in doing any household work. Whereas there are private servants in the house, despite that she used to  quarrel and have cruel behaviour.
  6. That the marriage of the applicant and non-applicant was solemnized without any give & take at Ravindra Bhawan and all the household goods & articles, clothes, and stridhan are already under the custody of  the non-applicant.  There is no dispute  pending for the issue of give & take.
  7. That there is no any illegal collusion between the applicant and the non-applicant.
  8. That the appropriate court fee has been paid.
  9. That the supporting documents to the application have been enclosed as per the list of documents.
  10. That the marriage of the applicant and the non-applicant was performed within the jurisdiction of the Sagar Municipal Corporation, besides this due to the permanent resident at  Police Station X, Sagar, this Hon’ble Court is having appropriate jurisdiction.
  11. That the non-applicant is the character-less lady and it is not possible to be with her and spend the rest of the life, in the interest of justice, thus kindly pass the order to dissolve the marriage.



Thus, it is prayed before your Honour to consider the application in favour of the applicant and pass the order to dissolve the marriage by way of a decree.

Sd/- Applicant


I,  X Vyas, aged about 41 years S/o Sh. XX, R/o XX., verify that the contents of the para no. 1 to 12 are true & correct to the best of my knowledge & belief.



Sagar:         Dated: 03.01.2019






Case No. X of 2019

X Vyas,                             …Applicant


Smt. Y Vyas                            …Non-applicant

Produced dated: 03.01.2019



I, applicant / deponent   X Vyas, aged about 41 years, S/o Sh. XX, R/o XX , do hereby solemnly affirm and declare that:

  1. That I have filed an application under Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act before this Hon’ble Court against the non-applicant to get the decree of divorce.
  2. That the contents of said application are true and correct and the same have read and understood by me and no fact has been concealed or wrongly mentioned.
  3. That paras 1 to 11 of the present application are correct and true as per my knowledge and belief.


Date: 03.01.2019                                              Deponent

I,   X Vyas, aged about 41 years, S/o Sh. XX, R/o XX verify that paras 1 to 3 of the affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


Date: 03.01.2019                                    Deponent








I.A No.                         of 2019


TRANSFER PETITION (Civil) No.            of 2019



Smt. Y Vyas                                       …Petitioner


X Vyas                                             …Respondent





The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India and his companion Judges of the Supreme Court of India at New Delhi.


The Humble Petition on behalf of the Petitioner above named




  1. The instant transfer petition is being filed by Smt. Nivedita Vyas under section 25 of Civil Procedure Code, 1908 seeking transfer of the Case titled as X Vyas Versus Smt. Y Vyas being Case X of 2019 pending before the Court  of Ld. Presiding Officer, Family Court, Sagar, (M.P.) to the Court of Principal Judge, Family Court, Kota, Rajasthan.
  2. That the original of Annexure P-1 filed alongwith the Transfer Petition was in Hindi and the same has been translated into English in the Counsel’s office itself due to paucity of time.


  1. That it would be in the interest of justice if the petitioner is exempted from filing official English translation of the said Annexure.


In the circumstances set forth above, it is therefore, most respectfully prayed that your Lordships may graciously be pleased to:

  • Exempt the petitioner from filing official English translation of Annexure P-1; and
    • pass such other order or orders as your Lordships may deem fit and proper in the interest of justice.        



DRAWN BY:                                              FILED BY:


[Avinash Nandan Sharma]

Advocate                                  (T. M.)

Advocate for the Petitioner


Drawn On: 22.07.2019

Filed On:    25.07.2019

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