Draft of Criminal Complaint under Section 200 & 156(3) Criminal Procedure Code



               Complaint Case No.________of 2022



Mr. Mohammad & Anr.                                          …..Complainants


Mr. Kurban & Anr.                                                  ..…Accused



S.NO.     Particulars Pages C. Fee
1. Memo of Parties
2. Complaint U/s 156(3) & 200, Cr.P.C. alongwith affidavits in support
3. List of witnesses
4. List of Documents along with documents
8. Vakalatnama



                                 Filed By


                                                        Avinash N. Sharma


                                         Chamber No. 671, Patiala House Courts,

                                         New Delh-110001. Mob. 8800794128

New Delhi

Dated: 23.05.2022






                   Complaint Case No.________of 2022


Mr. Mohammad & Anr.                                          …..Complainants


Mr. Kurban & Anr.                                                  ..…Accused

                                   MEMO OF PARTIES

  1. Mohammad

S/o Sh. S. Khan

  1. Tabassum

W/o Mr.  Mohammad

Both R/o House no.,

Mehrauli, New Delhi                                     …….  Complainants



  1. Kurban Mallik

S/o  Sh. shamsher

       Both R/o H. No.6,  New Delhi


Office- H.No. ,

New Delhi.

Permanent R/o

Village Sultan Nagar,

Post- , Dist. Meerut, U.P

  1. Israr

S/o Sh. Sharif

R/o Vill. AB Tehsil-Mawana,

Post-Mawana, Distt- Meerut, U.P.-250401


                            Filed By

                                                     Avinash N. Sharma


                                         Chamber No. 671, Patiala House Courts,

                                         New Delh-110001. Mob. 8800794128

New Delhi

Dated:  23.05.2022




                     Complaint Case No.________of 2022


  1.  Mohammad

S/o Sh. AB

  1. Asgari

W/o Mr. Mohammad

Both R/o XY, New Delhi                                         …….  Complainants



  1. Kurban

S/o  Sh. AB

          Both R/o H. No. ZY,  New Delhi


Office- XL,

New Delhi.

Permanent R/o

Village Jasad Sultan Nagar,

Post- Sarurpur, Dist. Meerut, U.P.


  1. Israr

S/o Sh. Sharif

R/o Vill. Bhav, Tehsil-Mawana,

Post-Mawana, Distt- Meerut,

U.P.-250401                                                               ……Accused







  1. That the complainants are husband and wife and the complainant no. 1 is a labourer doing the work of furniture and the complainant No.2 is a house wife. The ID Proof of the complainants are annexed herewith as ANNEXURE-A & B.
  2. That the accused persons are running business of property dealer and builder in partnership, and during their business , they offered the complainant to sell a flat on 3rd floor, measuring 40 sq. yards, consisting one bedroom, one drawing room, one toilet, one kitchen, one balcony, one scooter parking at ground floor, built on Property no.1091,Ward No.1, Khasra n. X, New Delhi and agreed to sell the said flat for total sale consideration of Rs. 13,00,000/- and the said sale consideration amount was to be paid by the complainants in installments.
  3. That as per agreement, the complainant paid a sum of Rs.2,00,000/- in cash on the day of agreement dated 13.01.2021 and further paid Rs.3,00,000/- in three installments, first installment paid on 29.01.2021, second on 02.02.2021 and third one 09.02.2021. The accused no.1 acknowledged the above said amount by issuing receipts duly signed and the accused no.2 witnesses one of the receipts.
  4. That the complainant no.1 was willing to purchase the said flat in the name of the complainant no.2 who is his wife in love and affection, that is why he got his wife enter into the above said agreement with the accused No.1, therefore, the complainant no.2 signed the agreements and incidental documents thereto and the same were also signed by the accused no.1, and the accused no.2 witnessed the same. Copies of Agreement to sale, payment receipts and other documents regarding the sale of the above said flat are annexed herewith as ANNEXURE-C (COLLY).
  5. That at the time of execution of agreement, the accused persons said that they were working together as partners and assured the complainants that the accused no.2 is having share in the abovesaid property and going to construct flats on the abovesaid property and , thus the accused persons took money from the complainants on the inducement of selling the above said flat to the complainants. That the accused persons also assured the complainants that they shall complete the construction and hand over the flat booked by the complainant to them on or before 31.03.2022. Remaining balance amount was agreed to be paid by the complainants to the accused persons at the time of registration of the sale deed with respect to the flat booked by the complainants.
  6. That the accused persons are very clever that they , after making agreement with the complainant and taking part payment of Rs. 5,00,000/- (Five Lacs only) showed their true colour and said to the complainant that they (accused persons) are unable to construct the said flat as the abovesaid property, on which they were going to construct flats, does not belong to them, the same belongs to DDA. That the complainants later on came to know that said land is on the name of one Rajiya Begum.
  7. That the accused persons avoided the complainants on one pretext and other but on the persistent requests by the complainant, the accused no.2 issued two cheques bearing No. 439215 dated13.04.2021 and cheque No. 439214 dated 15.04.2021 of Rs. 1,00,000/- each both drawn on Dena Bank, 181- A, Khirki Extn., New Delhi in favour of the complainant No.1 and assured the complainants that they would surely be honoured on their presentation. But in furtherance of their common malafide and dishonest intention to cheat the complainants, the accused no.2 in conspiracy with the accused no.1, issued the abovesaid cheques without maintaining sufficient balance in his account. The copies of abovesaid cheques are annexed herewith as ANNEXURE-D-1 & D-2.
  8. That the complainant No.1 presented the above said cheques with his banker i.e. State Bank of India, Sultanpur (Branch), New Delhi for encashment, but the same were dishonoured with the remarks “Insufficient Funds” on 16.04.2021 and 18.04.2021 respectively. The cheque returning memos dated 25.04.2021 and 22.04.2021 are annexed herewith as ANNEXURE-E-1 &E-2
  9. That That as soon as the complainant No.1 received the cheques dishonoured memos, then he immediately contacted the accused persons but they again assured the complainant that they (accused persons) are going to arrange money and now the said cheques would be honoured positively. As per the instructions of the accused persons, the complainant again presented the said cheques in his banker on 15.05.2021 for encashment, but both the cheques again dishonoured with the remarks “Funds Insufficient” on 20.05.2021 and 22.05.2021 respectively. The cheque returning memos dated 24.05.2021 and 26.05.2021 are annexed herewith as ANNEXURE-F-1 & F-2
  10. That the complainants have also filed a complaint case U/s 138 of NI Act pertaining to the two cheques of  total amount of Rs.2 Lacs     which is pending  before the Hon’ble Court of Nipun Kumar , MM, Saket Courts, New Delhi
  11. It is pertinent to mention here that the complainants had sold their house at E-3, Shri Ram Colony, Delhi-110094 to collect the amount of 5,00,000/- paid to the accused. The electricity Bill of that address and the Bank Statement of Complainant No.1 of  SBI, Mehrauli, Delhi showing the transactions of money after the sale of  previous house, is annexed herewith as ANNEXURE-G (Colly)
  12. That it is a clear cut case of cheating, fraud and forgery by making  false and forged agreement to sale the flat/land of DDA by the accused persons and  inducing the complainant to deliver money to the accused on this forged presentation.
  13. That the accused persons coming from influential class of builders have been threatening  the complainants to implicate in false  and frivolous case and to kill them if they raise their voice by making any complaint to police or court. The accused persons have proclaimed that police, thana and court can do nothing against them. A Criminal Complaint dated 22.12.2021 stating the entire matter of cheating and fraud, was given to the SHO, P.S. Mehrauli, New Delhi and Dy. Commissioner of Police, (South) Haus Khas, New Delhi. The copy of Police Complaints dated 22.12.2021 is annexed herewith as ANNEXURE-H (Colly).
  14. That the police did not take any action in the matter because of the reasons best known to them. However, the complainant No.1 had given Letter of Reminder of the Complainant on 01.02.2022 to the Joint Commissioner of Police /SWR, at Police Head Quarters, I.P. Estate, I.T.O. Delhi. Copy of the Reminder is annexed herewith as ANNEXURE-I
  15. That entire family of the complainants are shocked and under mental stress facing the present situation and the father of the complainant even expired due to pressure , stress and threat given by the accused persons on 26.02.2022. The death certificate is annexed herewith as ANNEXURE-J
  16. That the accused have committed the offence U/s 420, 467,468 and 471 along with 506 of IPC within the jurisdiction of this Hon’ble Court.
  17. That the case has been filed within the period of limitation and on proper stamps.
  18. That applicants submit that in the given facts and circumstances, the applicants being a victim of cheating and fraud and criminal intimidation is left with no alternative but to approach this Hon’ble Court for justice as the police have failed to act in the matter of complaints.


It is, therefore, most respectfully prayed that the adequate action be taken in the interest of justice. And the accused persons be tried and punished according to law.


                                                       Complainant No.1  & 2


                                               Avinash N. Sharma


                                         Chamber No. 671, Patiala House Courts,

                                         New Delh-110001. Mob. 8800794128

New Delhi

Dated:  23.05.2022



                Complaint Case No.________of 2022


Mr. Mohammad & Anr.                                           …..Complainants


Mr. Kurban & Anr.                                                  ..…Accused


I,   Mohammad, aged about 33 years S/o Sh. AB, R/o T-4 ,  New Delhi   do here by solemnly affirm and  declare  as under:-


  1. That I am the complainant No.1 in the said complaint and am well conversant with the facts and circumstances of the case and am competent to swear this affidavit.
  2. That accompanying complaint U/s 156(3) and 200, Cr.P.C. has been drafted by my counsel under my instructions and contents of the same have been explained to me in vernacular and understood by me and the same are not being repeated herein for the same of brevity and may be read as part and parcel of this affidavit.
  3. This is my true and correct statement.






Verified at New Delhi on this day of  23rd  May, 2022 , that the contents of  my above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing material has been concealed therefrom






                   Complaint Case No.________of 2022


Mr. Mohammad & Anr.                                       …..Complainants


Mr. Kurban & Anr.                                                  ..…Accused


I,  Asgari, aged about 31W/o Sh. Mr. Mohammad, R/o T-4,   New Delhi   do here by solemnly affirm and  declare  as under:-


  1. That I am the complainant No.2 in the said complaint and am well conversant with the facts and circumstances of the case and am competent to swear this affidavit.
  2. That accompanying complaint U/s 156(3) and 200, Cr.P.C. has been drafted by my counsel under my instructions and contents of the same have been explained to me in vernacular and understood by me and the same are not being repeated herein for the same of brevity and may be read as part and parcel of this affidavit.
  3. This is my true and correct statement.






Verified at New Delhi on this day of  23rd   May, 2022 , that the contents of  my above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing material has been concealed therefrom





                  Complaint Case No.________of 2022


Mr. Mohammad & Anr.                                         …..Complainants


Mr. Kurban & Anr.                                                  ..…Accused

                    LIST OF DOCUMENTS


  1. ANNEXURE –A & B

ID Proof of the Complainants

  1. ANNEXURE –C (Colly)

Copies of Agreement to sale, payment receipts and other documents regarding the sale of the flat

  1. ANNEXURE –D-1 & D-2

The copy of two cheques  of Rs.1,00,000/- each dt. 13.03.2021 and 15.03.2021

  1. ANNEXURE –E-1 & E-2

Cheque returning memos dated 15.04.2021 and 18.04.2021

  1. ANNEXURE –F-1 & F2

Cheque returning memos dated 06.05.2021 and 07.05.2021


Electricity Bill and Bank Statements of SBI


The copy of Police Complaints dated 22.12.2021


Copy of the Reminder to Joint Cmmissioner of Police dated 01.02.2022


Death certificate of the father of the complainant No.1

                                          Filed By

                                                        Avinash N.Sharma


                                         Chamber No. 671, Patiala House Courts,

                                         New Delh-110001. Mob. 8800794128

New Delhi

Dated:  23.05.202




             Complaint Case No.________of 2022



Mr. Mohammad & Anr.                                         …..Complainants


Mr. Kurban & Anr.                                                  ..…Accused



  1. Complainant No.1,  Mohammad
  2. Complainant No.2, Asgari
  3. Shamshad

R/o. X ,New Delhi-110030

  1. Manager/ Record Cleark of the accused ‘s Bank, i.e. Dena Bank
  2. Manager/ Record Cleark of thecomplainant ‘s Bank i.e. SBI
  3. Any other witness with the permission of this Ho’ble Court.


                                          Filed By


                                                        Avinash N. Sharma


                                         Chamber No. 671, Patiala House Courts,

                                         New Delh-110001. Mob. 8800794128

New Delhi

Dated:  23.05.2022




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