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Original Draft of Complaint to ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police)


      The Assistant Commissioner of Police , 

       West Delhi

 Sub:  For the direction of  the proper and fair  investigation of the case of murder bearing FIR No. 1208/21  under Section 302 IPC registered at  Police Station Panjabi Bhagh by the  Investigating Officer and the arrest of the main accused , Chand  


  1. That I am a old lady residing with my  husband Md. Islam at Jhuggi No. 8, Shahid Park,  Delhi. My ID Proof of  is annexed herewith.
  2. That my son Mehboob had gone outside of home at Jhuggi No. 8, Shahid Park, Delhi and was missing since 19/11/2021 at about 7:00 P.M. The dead body of my son Mehboob with cut injury on neck and absence of Skin, subcutaneous tissues and muscles over the front of chest and abdomen, aged about 16 years was found at Railway line electric pole no. SM/432/ND , near Rampura Phatak, Ashoka Park side on 21/11/2021.
  3. That the FIR no. 1208/2 dated 21/11/2021 under Section 302 of IPC was registered at Police Station Panjabi Bhagh.
  4. That the Investigating Officer of this case C.L. Kumar in connivance with the Pradhan of the area Shahid Park Block 88  escaped the main accused , Mohd. Chand  S/o. Azim, R/o. W-196, Shahid Park, Delhi. It is very surprising that the three accused persons namely Faisal S/o. Abdul Gani , Amit Gautam S/o. Raghunath and Rizwan S/o. Md. Shahid from the same locality were arrested by the police on 28.11.2021 on the disclosure statement of Chand when he was interrogated by the I.O. at Police Station.
  5. That the Pradhan namely Islam   R/o. W-258 , Shahid Park  , Delhi  with family members of Chand contacted the IO and managed  the illegal release of Chand from Police Station and only the arrest of the three above named accused persons of minor age were shown by the IO so that a weak investigation report can be filed before the Juvenile Justice Board, Delhi and the main accused Chand can easily be saved. This nexus between the IO and the Pradhan of the area is for the manipulation of the case and to harm the proper and fair investigation of the murder of my son.


  1. That It is pertinent to mention here that the Maternal Uncle of co accused Rizwan namely Akram had every knowledge of the involvement of Chand in the murder of Mehboob, however, he was not interrogated by the Police despite requests made by the complainant’s family to the IO which clearly shows the manipulation of the fact by the IO in connivance with the Pradhan of the locality. They do not want the truth to come forward so that they can save the main culprit , Chand who is a major person and had enmity against the deceased Mehboob.


  1. That the deceased Mehboob and Chand remain in the same company of friends and he had threatened the deceased many time to face consequences and had started having enmity against Mehboob  and there is every likelihood that the three arrested minors with the help , assistance and instructions of Chand murdered my son Mehboob. That there is also every possibility of taking bribe by the IO in this matter which was managed by Islam  , the Pradhan of the area as the family of Chand are close to him and had actively supported him in election.
  2. That I belong to a poor family consisting of four sons , five daughters and my husband who is now retired from his work of a driver. My whole family is in grief and sorrow due to this shocking incident. We may be threatened and tortured in this matter by the police and the Pradhan of the area.


It is, therefore, most respectfully prayed for the direction of  a proper and fare investigation in this matter by changing the IO, C.L. Kumar and for the arrest of  main accused Chand  by the police so that the illegal and unfair intervention of Islam Lambu , the Pradhan of the area  may be prevented and the important witness like Akram , the maternal uncle of accused Rizwan may be mentioned in the process of investigation.



( Ashma )

                              wife of  Md. Islam,

                                     R/o  Jhuggi No. 88, Shahid Park,

Zakhira , Delhi

Place: Delhi


Copy to:


  1. DCP , West Delhi


  1. SHO, PS. Punjabi Bagh
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